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Hermitage Castle

Nestled in the infamous reiving borderlands 16 miles north of Langholm, once described as the guardhouse to the bloodiest valley in Britain, this evil place is thick with legends of ghosts, black magic, torture and murder.

Mary Queen of Scots visited her lover the 4th Earl of Bothwell at the castle after he was viciously attacked and almost killed by the notorious reiver Little Jock Elliiot


Westerkirk Library

Westerkirk Parish Library today is one of the oldest lending libraries in Scotland still lending books. It also still purchases a few books annually. It is managed by a group of Trustees who maintain the investment and building and who employ staff to take care of the grounds. The library is a treasure trove of old books. If you are interested in local history or tracing your family connections to this area, this is a great place to lose yourself for a few hours, days or weeks.

MacDiarmid Memorial

This huge metallic "open book" is on the hillside overlooking Langholm. It is dedicated to the poet Hugh MacDiarmid, joint founder of the Scottish National Party and lover of Scotland. Hugh MacDiarmid is the pen name of one of the most famous Scottish poets. Born in Langholm on 11th August 1892, Christopher Murray Grieve was brought up and educated in the town. He lived in the building which houses the Thomas Telford Library.

Gilnockie Tower

Gilnockie Tower or Hollows Tower is one of the finest examples of a 16th century Scots tower house or pele tower. A Clan Armstrong stronghold and home to a Scottish legend, it stands in what was known as the Debateable Lands – so-called because no-one knew if they belonged to Scotland, or England.


Neil Armstrong

Astronaut, Neil Armstrong visited his ancestral roots in March 1972 where he was given the honour of becoming Langholm's first freeman of the burgh. 

The Debateable Lands

This was a lawless no-mans-land (measuring ten miles by four) along the Anglo-Scottish border that neither the Scottish nor English Crowns would admit ownership of. It became a nest of villains and criminals until it was divided by the Scots Dyke in 1552. Langholm lies slightly to the north of the Debateable Lands but nevertheless was in the very heart of reiving country.

Thomas Telford

Thomas Telford,the renowned Civil Engineer, began his life in humble beginnings in the remote valley of Westerkirk, seven miles northwest of Langholm. He was responsible for some of the great works of the age.

Eskdale's Natural and Historic Heritage

The countryside around the Muckle Toon of Langholm is one of Scotland's best kept secrets. Explore the rolling hills, moorland and woodland, see castle ruins, a stunning variety of wildlife and soak up a wealth of heritage and traditions. Find out about our prehistoric and moorland trails, which have been newly developed to help you discover our beautiful natural heritage.  Peer into the past!


Langholm Castle

Built to house a captain and small garrison of men and last inhabited in 1726, this ruin is all that remains of the once imposing Langholm Castle. Built using sandstone from Whita Hill, it was built by Christopher Armstrong around 1526; falling into English hands in 1544. Only three years later a Scottish force retook the Castle. It was attacked for the last time by James VI on his way south to claim the English throne.